What THE HELL?! Moment of the week

Q: Are we not kids? A: We Are DEV2.0!

Are you a latency-period preteen who still loves to “whip it good”? Or perhaps you grew up in the New Wave heyday but you’ve got children and a spouse at home who can’t get down with all the satire and sexual ambiguity the era implies? If so, DEV2.0 is for you. The project, made up of five pre-teen musicians, “attempts to bring the original Devo music sensibility to children in the 5- to 8-year-old demographic range.” Using recordings of Devo songs, and of course sanitizing the lyrical content (and the still-controversial “devolution” philosophy the band members embraced and took their name from), DEV2.0 attempts to put a fresh face on the Akron, OH art school band. Original Devo member Gerald Casale directed the band’s videos, which will be included with the purchase of the record, released March 17 on Disney Sound. Here’s to the next high school sensation, The Safe Sex Pistols.

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