What THE HELL?! Moment of the week

Two unforgettable British vocalists have been having some trouble with the law recently. Pete Doherty, the ex-Libertines’ and British tabloids’ frontman, was the subject of The Sun’s “Get Pete Off The Street” campaign after he was arrested for stealing a car and admitted to a London hospital for manic depressive treatment. Here’s to putting the lovable junkie behind bars. In other news, Morrissey, ex-Smiths’ frontman and Wildean pop idol, recently revealed that the FBI has interviewed and investigated him for being a suspected threat to American national security a la John Lennon. It has yet to be revealed what sort of dirt the FBI expects to find on the Mancunian celibate gay vegetarian, but this writer suspects it has something to do with repeated threats made towards an unknown disc jockey and his disturbing, but vague assertion that “the bomb will bring us together.”

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