What to listen to while waiting for Man on the Moon lll

Although this year has not been the best in a lot of ways, when I think if 2020 I will think back at all of
the great and unexpected music that was released. On Monday, Kid Cudi released a teaser video and
confirmed the release of Man on the Moon lll. This is the third and final installment of the Man on the
Moon trilogy, which had some of the iconic songs of our childhood. These early installments gained
popularity and introduced many to rock-inspired rap, which inspired artists across genres. Cudi is an
artist that proved genre fluidity can be successful and impactful. The first installment of Man on the
Moon: The End of Day
, came out over ten years ago in 2009. This conclusion is long-awaited and can
leave some to anxiously await its arrival while listening to the same songs over and over, but no worries
I am here with suggestions!

100 gecs –1000 gecs

Okay, please don’t yell just hear me out. First off, the first album features a now iconic tree that is right
by O’Hare so that’s cool right? This duo makes music that cannot even be tied down to one genre. They
have electronic, alternative, and rap influences and sounds and lyrics that shock you when you first
listen to them. Some people keep listening because it’s so weird, but they can’t decide if they like it or
not, and others listen because of some of the undeniable headbanging hits they have. Like them or not,
they take influence from many different genres and have definitely left their mark across the industry,
much like Kid Cudi.

Beastie Boys- Paul’s Boutique

To put a throwback in here, this group combined the punk movement of the 80s and 90s with rap and
formed the first all-white rap group. The album is filled with guitar riffs and head-nodding drumbeats
that is not even recognizable as rap today. These guys were a big influence on the rock-rap scene and
the mosh pits you see at rap concerts today. If you’re a fan of any rap or rock, the Beastie Boys had an
influence on what the genres are today.

Injury Reserve- Injury Reserve

This trio formed a few years ago and is mainly hip-hop but takes influence from jazz, electronic, and
rock. They once again seems to form their own special sound, breaking free of traditional genre
expectations. Many of their songs start off with a melodic introduction or a simple xylophonic beat
before their meaningful lyrics begin. Shortly after this latest release, member Groggs died this year. The
future of the trio is unsure, but they are yet another group in alternative rap that are shaping this genre
for the future.

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