What was the worst album of the year?

“Coheed. Come ooonn.” — Erin Gillman

Exile on Mainstream by Matchbox Twenty. This “new release” features two CDs of pure, unadulterated crap. The first CD has six (count them, six) new Rob Thomas shit-shows, and the second disc rehashes 11 of the same old songs that everyone was sick and tired of before 2002, the last time they accidentally wandered into
a recording studio.” — Josh Fisher

“Britney Spears’ Blackout. Not that Britney had very deep lyrics before, but this was a step backwards … ” — Liz Hutnik

“While I’m sure there are worse albums out there, Tom DeLonge officially killed my childhood with I-Empire by Angels and Airwaves. I resent you Tom DeLonge. You should have given up years ago.” — Amanda Shively

“My least favorite album of the year is Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible. Yes, it is on my top 25, but in terms of favorite-ness, I’m one of those fools still waiting for Funeral number two.” — Trendy Rende

Cruel Melody by ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland’s new band, Black Light Burns. I realized too late that I’d heard the best parts of the album by listening to the tiny clips on iTunes.” — Paul Hartley

“Bloc Party’s A Weekend in the City. I wanted to like this album; the only problem was I always shut it off before the first song ended.” — Steve Plock

“SouljaBoy. Misogyny in a song is one thing but pairing it with a hideously awkward dance is unacceptable.” — Carlye Wisel

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