What We’re Into: 5 tracks for the week ahead

Silversun Pickups – “Panic Switch”
Nothing new in the way of overall vibe, the Silversun Pickups are still producing darker grunge rock that redeems itself with a well-structured composition, catchy guitar riffs, and the act’s signature gruff vocals. This track is much more intense than the recognizable “Lazy Eye.”
Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band – “Nikorette”
With no buildup, Oberst bangs right into this bouncy southern bit. “Nikorette’s” straightforward style is deepened with organ synth arpeggios, classical Southern guitar picking, clashing drums, and a replacement of generic country vocals.
John Vanderslice – “Fetal Horses”
Soaring vocals keep John Vanderslice’s sincerity fresh, whatever the topic. His allusions have more than one message. Listen for yourself.
The Vaselines – “Son of the Gun”
Starting off with fuzzy noise, “Son of the Gun” pulls into lyrics alternating between sweet-yet-distracted femininity, and Michael-Cera-esque muted rhymes. It’s a louder love song, built with strummed guitar and a repeated eighth-note piano chord.
Bishop Allen – “Oklahoma”
I am so relieved to hear the latest track off of Bishop Allen’s new album, Grrr…. The first two pre-released songs, while still good, are repetitive material which quickly grows old. This little ditty, however, is uniquely Bishop Allen, elevating heartfelt vocals with a nice simple theme, the Wild West. Remember how “Click Click Click Click” was just about cameras?

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