What We’re Into: August’s finest

From songs enhanced by videos, to classic indie rock, these four songs are enough to get your August playlist started off on the right note.
“Freak Out” – Stellastarr*
Stellastarr* is back with a new song, complete with the muted and jabbing, yet soaring electric guitar lines, supportive driving drums, and dramatic chorus. Right from the start, “Freak Out” has characteristic stellastarr* written all over it. Check it out if you’re in the mood for some good old indie rock.
“Billionaires” – Your Twenties
Catchy “ooh ooh ooh” vocals for a chorus, check. Handclaps, check. Easy-going summertime rock beat and guitars, check. This will be the famous hit for Your Twenties.
“The End is Near” – The Fiery Furnaces
Oh Fiery Furnaces, some of your songs sure are iffy…but thanks for this number. Another pleasant melodious song that I can definitely enjoy getting stuck in my head. And way to go, making a depressing message into a cheerful tune.
“Kiss of Life” – Friendly Fires
Speaking of FF, Friendly Fires have a new song out as well. The best part is the tribal drumline—that kind of thing will always have my heart, and it does a great job enhancing the electro-pop aspect of “Kiss of Life.” Now that I’ve seen the video, I like it ten times more. Hello, Mr. Zach Condon look-a-like.

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