What We’re Into: music for the road

Everyone loves when a song comes on the car radio that makes you want to press harder on the gas pedal and keep driving. Upbeat driving music is a must on a long car trip, and now that summer is here, the season for long car rides has arrived! Check out these artists when planning your playlist for a summer road trip.
Owl City: Artist Adam Young’s Owl City is a perfect selection for driving with electronic, poppy songs that not only have a cheery rhythm and interesting sound, but also lyrics that are easy to understand and easy to sing along with while cruising down the highway. Owl City has released 5 albums which can be ordered online at their website owlcitymusic.com and Young’s newest album, Ocean Eyes, will soon be available for purchase as well. Check Summerfest on July 5th.
Slimpickins: I recently saw Slimpickins live in Seattle, Washington, and still wish that I had had the money to buy their album at the time. They regularly play in Pike’s Place Market in front of the first Starbucks ever built, and are just as interesting and eclectic as the market in which they play. The band is made up of four members that use a variety of instruments—bass, guitar, harmonica and violin to give the band a unique sound topped off by the incredible voice of Annie Ford. Slimpickins is a blues/roots act that is reminiscent of the rockabilly bands of the early ‘50s. Visit their Myspace, to check out their music, or just take a trip out to Seattle, buy their CD, and listen to it in the car on your way home. This is, after all, great driving music.
Oi Polloi: Oi Polloi is a punk act out of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a must-listen for those of you who like oi, punk rock or metal. Though Oi Polloi drastically differ from the sounds of Owl City and Slimpickins, they still make for appropriately rockin’ driving music. The band uses power chords and strong lyrics to drive home the political message of their songs, but unless you speak Gaelic, you may need to look up the lyrics to several songs on Oi Polloi’s Myspace. Much of their web page is also written in Gaelic, but the blog provides an English translation of the Gaelic lyrics. The act’s use of traditional Gaelic is a purposeful statment in today’s world of globalization and constant change. If you like Celtic punk, you should definitely check this band out.

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