What We’re Into: Pop Appeals

Many pop bands are underestimated without even receiving a proper listening. The following bands deserve full attention from both of your ears.
Ballas Hough Band
Anyone who watches Dancing with the Stars is already familiar with the names Mark Ballas and Derek Hough. The two dancing champions continue to ride the fame wave with their band conveniently titled, the Ballas Hough Band. Originally formed in 2005 under the name Almost Amy, the group signed with Hollywood Records in 2008, and changed their name (as per the recognizable members of the act).
This band is embarrassingly catchy. Edgier than the Jonas Brothers, but softer than Lost Prophets, the Ballas Hough Band is the perfect blend of rock and pop. Their debut album BHB, released on March 10, 2009, has produced hits such as “Do It For You” and “Do You Love Me.” Like the rest of their songs, they have simplistic lyrics backed up with strong pop hooks. Piano player, and only female in the group, Emily Grace brings sweet harmonies into the mix, and to the act’s credit, all members play their own instruments and wrote most of the songs on their album. The Ballas Hough Band is perfect for fans of Jesse McCartney, Britney Spears, and Maroon 5.
My Last Mistake
From Kent, England, My Last Mistake has set the new standard for acoustic bands. Since working with Universal Publishing, My Last Mistake has developed a huge following. The acoustic group is powered by Leah Newcombe’s angelic vocals, and their sound is a mix of Sara McLaughlin and The Scene Aesthetic, complete with emotional lyrics and intricate acoustic melodies. Their first album, From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart, was released in May 2008 and brought forth the heart melting track, “The Story Of Us.” My Last Mistake’s beautiful way of capturing raw human emotion lends to their appeal. Currently, the band is on a UK tour with a Canada/U.S. tour in the making. Fans of Daphney Loves Derby, Something Corporate, and City and Colour are sure to enjoy My Last Mistake.
The unsigned Rediscover from Ohio bring fun energy to the synth-pop genre. Similar to Hellogoodbye, Rediscover uses a voice modifier and upbeat tempos to enhance their charm. Their lyrics are a mix of humor and love as seen in lyrics like, “When I get your name tattooed to my neck / you better come back.”
Rediscover’s latest album, Sleepless Nights, released in July 2008, is the very definition of entertainment. The band’s strength lies in their amusing appeal and their electronica inspired instrumentation is easily made for both dancing and relaxing. Though the band relies on technology to advance their music, their sincere lyrics add a personal touch. Fans of Breathe Carolina, Metro Station, and Playradioplay may soon become fans of Rediscover.

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