Where’d All The Time Go?: A Playlist About Time

We’ve officially been in the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year now. A lot has happened since then, but at the same time, each day still feels the same. I have found myself confusing time more than I did pre-pandemic life, still thinking that last year was 2019 or that the one time I have left my house was last week but it was actually a couple of months ago. (Just me? Okay.)

This playlist is full of songs relating to time. Having the word “time” directly in the title was enough for me to include that song. Some songs have abstract senses of time or broader interpretations like day, night, or the weekend. Others pertain to seasons, months, and days of the week. I also incorporated songs that had specific dates and times. Songs about certain ages were left out because believe it or not, the concept of time is so popular that there are a lot of songs about it and even more about being however many years old.

Hopefully, you can relate to losing track of time during this great big mess. I went through some of my Spotify Wrapped playlists for this one, and it was funny to see what I was so obsessed with and how so many songs carry over from one year to the next. Some songs on this playlist are derived from those highlight-reel playlists. You have definitely heard some of these songs before, so it will probably bring back some memories you can laugh and smile about too.

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