Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg has fans cracking for more

Cosmic Egg truly brings out Wolfmother’s energy when it comes to hard rock. The Australian band came up with the name Cosmic Egg by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale during yoga class saying it was “like the fetal pose.” The album track “New Moon Rising,” was the first single released in August of 2009.The whole album was released October 23, 2009 and MTV quoted that the style of the album has “meaty chords, dive into sludgy breakdowns and sizzle with Stockdale’s flame kissed solos.”
When listening to the album, it is hard not to think of seventies rock voices from such bands as AC-DC, Black Sabbath, and even a Zeppelin style in vocals. Stockdale’s voice has a nice swing of raunchiness and heaviness in your ear within tracks “California Queen” and “Sundial,” being my favorites on the album. Cosmic Egg gets Wolfmother back in the media and fan light to succeed in this years ranking of new and great albums. The replacing of two band members can’t be easy, but their tone and tune within the album leaves their fans and critics with the faith that the band is only rising to have “more relentless and in your face” music quoted the New Musical Express.
What I love most about this album is the rocking back and forth of what we love about rock. You can start with the track “In the Morning.” This song reminded me of a blues feel that I find in classic rock influences such as Zeppelin in their song “Tangerine”. Even the Beatles with Revolver came into mind, when the beginning starts off with a slow nice vocal pitch and then open the bands heaviness to follow through till the end of the track. Then to add to the fun feel of rock “White Feather,” hands down brings it to the table to keep knocking down their catchy tracks to sing to.

Key Tracks: “Sundial”, “In the Morning”, “Pilgrim”

WPGU Music Staff Rating: W-P-G-U

W = Poor

W-P = OK

W-P-G = Good

W-P-G-U = Great!

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