Wolfmother – Victorious (Review)

Wolfmother is the type of band that has survived countless line-up changes, successful album releases, and most importantly has remained active for a little over ten years. In the release of their latest album Victorious the band puts forth an overall solid album with songs that are just as heavily influenced by 70s rock as the ones from previous albums were. As a band with such a consistent sound and direction it is hard to rely on finding anything new in their latest release that has not been heard before. If AC/DC ever had a cousin, this band would definitely be their not so distant and younger relative.

The opening track “The Love That You Give” gives new and older fans exactly what they want to hear. It’s a killer track with a hardcore, energetic start and a quite memorable opening guitar riff. Pretty much after that you can sort of get the vibe from every other track to follow. The title track off the album maintains this hard sound with an infectious melody alongside it. The most curious enigma of this whole album is that its ability to recreate this vintage sound almost precisely is what makes it quite fresh in its approach. Wolfmother succeeds at giving audiences the type of music that is sure to attract this already well-establish fan base of hard rock. The track “Victorious” opens with an unwavering guitar solo and abrasive cymbal crash which makes up all the elements of a classic rock song. While there is certainly no real element of surprise in this album, it still manages to put its best foot forward in the only way Wolfmother knows how.

A track like “Pretty Peggy” is quite a delight in the array of fast-paced rock songs because it takes it down a notch and ultimately creates a beautiful love ballad. It’s the type song you would hear when the band wants to pacify the unruly audience after an intense mosh pit workout. While it channels this 90s rock it definitely adds a small spark of originality to this album. Moments of this album in which Wolfmother shines are when they do not try so hard to emulate a specific sound and instead incorporate all these stimulating guitar riffs. The track “City Lights” is one of the memorable off the album because of its inclusion of this psychedelic vibe from the guitar. Also the simplicity of lyrics and melody make it unforgettable. There may not be many moments of unpredictability on the album but the track “Simple Life” stands out as one of the tracks to have on repeat. The constant change in tempo and the versatility that make it out to be three different songs make it a breath of fresh air in the Wolfmother repertoire. The guitar part in this sums up quite nicely how playful and quirky their simple melodies can be.

Wolfmother puts forth a solid effort in this release but as always leaves audience craving something more original that will allow them to stand above this vintage sound they repeatedly take inspiration from.

Rating: W-P-1/2

Key Tracks: “Pretty Peggy,” “The Simple Life,” “City Lights”

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