WPGU At Home: Meet Annabelle Hladik

Today we have Annabelle, who was nominated by Kyra Puetz last week!

Name: Annabelle (Belle for short) Hladik

Major: Communication

Year: Junior (now technically senior, since I finished classes)

Department(s) in WPGU: On-Air, Marketing, Production

Where you’re quarantining: My family’s home in Chicago

What are you listening to?: The songs of birds visiting my new feeder! Music-wise tho, Caroline Rose-“Feel The Way I Want”

What are you reading?: The Lost Media Wiki! Database of info on movies, TV and written works that people can no longer freely access for one reason or another. Suuuper interesting stuff

What are you watching?: Dead to Me season 2 on Netflix

First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?: Book it to the nearest TJ Maxx and just go crazy🤪 my inner Maxxinista is STARVED

Favorite way to social distance?: Videochat w/friends, get lunch delivered and eat it outside with my neighbor

Who do you want to hear from next?: Carolina Garibay 

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