WPGU At Home: Meet Austin Spaulding!

Another week brings a new round of WPGU At Home. This Tuesday we have Austin Spaulding, who was nominated by Vi Hook last week.

Name: Austin Spaulding

Major: Advertising

Year: Junior

Departments: On-Air

Years in WPGU: 3

Where you’re quarantining: Urbana, Illinois

What are you listening to: I’ve been listening to The Wrecks in preparation for their new album coming out in May! Along with that, I’ve been listening to some Twenty One Pilots, The Maine, and other bands that I’ve been on for years.

What are you reading: I’m reading Watsky’s book How To Ruin Anything. I highly encourage it because his writing style (and all of his music) is so unique and full of personality. 

What are you watching: I’ve finally committed to watching all of Brooklyn-99! I’ve also been watching a lot of My Hero Academia.

First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over: Probably go back to work and buy coffee. I didn’t realize how much I took advantage of getting discounted drinks working at a coffee shop until it was taken away from me. 

Favorite way to social distance: I’ve been playing a lot (maybe an unhealthy amount?) of games with friends online to fill the void left by being able to see people.

Who do you want to hear from next? I would love to hear what Sam Enno has been up to!

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Kyra is a senior from the South Side of Chicago studying Advertising and is the Web Director for WPGU. She loves looking at album cover art, drinking iced chai tea lattes and doing crossword puzzles. Kyra is also a huge Harry Potter nerd and lover of stupid jokes.

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