WPGU At Home: Meet Carolina Garibay

Today we have Carolina, who was nominated by Annabelle Hladik!

Name: Carolina Garibay

Major: Journalism with minors in Spanish and public relations

Year: I’m about to be a junior!

Department(s) in WPGU: On-air and Web Writing. I also am part of the “What’s the buzz?” podcast with my colleagues at buzz magazine! (We’re on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so give us a listen!)

Years in WPGU: I started my freshman year (2018), so it’ll be 2 years in the fall!

Where you’re quarantining: I’m quarantining at home in Chicago

What are you listening to?: I’ve been listening to a variety of stuff, including Harry Styles, the new The 1975 album, The Weeknd, and I’ve been switching between listening to my “alternative vibes” and my “vibessss” (hip-hop) playlists.

What are you reading?: The Ballad of Songbirds and SnakesThe Hate U Give and lots of tweets!

What are you watching?: Literally everything, but my favorites are Better Call SaulDear White PeopleWhen They See Us and Hollywood, all on Netflix!

First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?: I’m definitely going to go out to eat with a bunch of my friends, maybe a brunch or fancy dinner!

Favorite way to social distance?: I’m a big fan of Zoom happy hours (with non-alcoholic beverages of course!) and social distance hanging on front lawns or in backyards with my friends.

Who do you want to hear from next?: I nominate Zoe Jacquat!

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