WPGU At Home: Meet Emily Crawford!

This Thursday we have Emily Crawford, who was nominated by Mac Dudley last week.

Name: Emily Crawford

Major: Undeclared

Departments in WPGU: News and On-Air

Years in WPGU: 1 (spring 2020)

Where you’re quarantining: Bartlett, IL 

What are you listening to? The five new playlists I’ve made bc I’m bored but also Orla Gartland

What are you reading? Pretty much only the news and class stuff 🙁

What are you watching? The entirety of Parks and Rec 

First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?  Head over to my friend’s houses to see them (and also their pets)

Favorite Way to social distance? Competitively playing skibbl.io with friends over zoom

Who do you want to hear from next? Barrett Wynn

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