WPGU at Home: Meet Ryan Davila

Today we have Ryan Davila, who was nominated by Glenda Villalón

Name: Ryan

Major: Geology

Year: Prospective senior 

Departments in WPGU: I manager the web department, and help out On-Air from time to time.

Years in WPGU: This upcoming semester marks 1 year of me with WPGU!

Where you’re quarantining: My room, on my bed, in a catatonic state.

What you’re listening to?: The Garden, Mannequin Pussy, and The Plugz. Aside from those I’ve been blasting “Warm Leatherette” as I lie face down motionless on the floor of my room.

What are you reading:? I’ve been reading Cicero by Anthony Everett, and Green Lantern: Season 2 by Grant Morrison.

What are you watching?: I’ve been watching Dragon Ball Z and various paleontology documentaries.

First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over: Clothesline a child in a moshpit.

Favorite way to social distance: Taking a drive with my dog, Conway.

Who do you wanna hear from next: Jordan Kahn

About Ryan Davila

Ryan is a geology major hailing from the exotic city of Berwyn, IL. Armed with a serious love of the loud and lo-fi, as well as having nothing to lose, Ryan attends basement shows every weekend. When the week rolls around, you can always find Ryan listening to a new album a day on his Spotify.

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