WPGU Band of the Week: Headlights

1. Please list the names of all members of your band.
Tristan, Erin, Brett, Nick and John.
2. Where did you get your band name?
From the front of our car.
3. When did you start performing together?
4. Who is your greatest musical influence?
The Three Tenors.
5. Describe your sound in 3 words or less.
Not our job.
6. What is your favorite place to perform?
The Paradiso in Amsterdam.
7. Where is your favorite after show party spot?
Either a dance party or the Blind Pig.
8. What is your latest album called?
Some Racing, Some Stopping.
9. When is your next performance?
Friday (8/29) at Urban Outfitters and Saturday (8/30) at the Courtyard Cafe.
10. If you could perform with anyone in the history of music, who would it be?
Fleetwood Mac.
11. What historical event does your music sound like?
The moon landing.
12. If you could own any house pet, what would it be?
Our cat and our dog.
13. What is your favorite thing to eat as a band?
BBQ or Thai.
14. What cartoon character does your band most identify with?
Harry Nilsson’s ‘The Point.’
14B. Why?
“cause it’s just me and my arrow.”
15. What kind of car do you drive?
2004 Chevy Express van.
16. What is your favorite Canadian province?
17. What was your favorite middle school field trip?
Going to the Cheetos factory.
18. How often do you get your hair cut?
Once every couple of months.
19. What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?
Last year we played Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin with all our favorite bands. Cat Power, New Pornographers, Battles, Mates of State, Ted Leo, Against Me! of Montreal, Evangelicals.
20. Who are you voting for in 2008?
21. Who did you vote for in 2004?
Certainly not Dubya Bush.
22. Does global warming exist?
Very much so.
23. What is one thing you do that’s good for the Earth?
We ride our bikes when we’re not on tour.
24. What is your band’s favorite lunch meat?
Roast beef.
25. What is your least favorite reality TV show?
The hair cut one.
26. What is your favorite movie?
The Bride of Chucky.
27. What is the coolest place you’ve ever traveled?
28. If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and nobody’s around, does it make a sound?
Of course!
29. What is your favorite kind of underwater creature?
The sea turtle.
29B. Why?
‘Cause they just seem so relaxed.
30. If you could time travel, what would you go see?
31. Which Teenage mutant Ninja Turtle do you best identify with?
31B. Why?
Angst, man.
32. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of music?
Joined a band.
33. Any advice for the public at large?
Go green, vote for Obama.
34. If you could be one of the Flavor of Love girls, who would you be?
35. What is one cool thing you think everyone should know about you?
I don’t have cable.
36. And another?
I love avocados.
37. What is your favorite song to play live?
“So Much for the Afternoon” or “School Boys”
38. Which Mario Kart character is the best?
I like Princess and Yoshi.
39. Boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs.
40. What is your favorite office supply?
Mechanical pencils.
41. Describe your audience in 3 words.
Fun, boozy and friendly.
42. Who is the biggest underdog in movie history?
Jeffery Lebowski.
43. What is your favorite place to spend a Friday night?
At home with friends.
44. What is your favorite horror film?
Sean of the Dead.
45. What is your favorite brand of shoes?
Vans. Erin sometimes likes Steve Maddens.
46. Do unicorns exist?
Yes. in our hearts.

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