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Edward Moses, otherwise known as Agent Mos, is an unabashed nerd by self-admission – a disclaimer he uses at the beginning of his shows to explain his unique style, but not as an apology. His parents listened to everything from Led Zeppelin to Mo’ Town soul, somehow managing to squeeze jazz in between, all of which have impacted him musically from early childhood. Raised on the South Side of Chicago, he was first influenced to write poetry and punk rock. However, when Moses was 14 years old, the mix-tape SoundBombin’ II caught his ear, and from that point onward, although he “digs on all three,” hip-hop became his primary musical focus. Aside from his work as a solo artist, Agent Mos is also an emcee for the Greg Spero Trio.


Urbana or Champaign? Urbana. Hands down.

Big Lebowski or Royal Tenenbaums? Lebowski. Can’t go wrong

with going bowling.

Beatles or The Stones? Beatles. More classic material, and

no Keith Richards.

East Coast, West Coast or Dirty South? That’s a hard one, but I’ll have to go with West Coast underground, specifically the label StonesThrow.

Favorite emcee: Aesop Rock

Favorite Chicago talent: Abstract Giants, Typical Cats, All Natural, Rusty Chains, Animate Objects,

Optimus Rhyme

What’s in your CD player now? The cleaning disc I left in there since I got my MP3 player. And probably some batteries … I should get those.

What dead celebrity would you like to face in a boxing match? Jimi Hendrix. He would have to belt out “Hey Joe” while he beat me down to the ground.

What kind of car would you drive if you make it big? I just want something that works. Either that, or a 2006 VW GTI Mach-5. Either one.

Check out Agent Mos March 17 at the Independent Media Center in Urbana and Friday nights on

WPGU’s Beats and Rhymes.

– Peter Groesbeck


Originally a member of the Urban Thugz in Uganda, his native country, Edwin Ruyonga, a.k.a. Krukid, now resides in Champaign, championing his new debut album and getting ready for an upcoming three-week tour which will take him as far as New York City. After winning the Chicago Urban League Mic Check contest, he was awarded a winning certificate to be produced by Ivan Dupee of Level Next Inc. and aired on Power 92 in fall of 2003. Raisin in the Sun, his debut out on Cash Hill Records, has gained critical acclaim (4 afros on okayplayer.com) for both his intelligent flow and hot production. Krukid references Nas, Grafh, Jay-Z and Saigon as his secondary musical influences, taking backseat to East Coast emcees.


Urbana or Champaign? Champaign

Big Lebowski or Royal Tenenbaums? Royal Tenenbaums

Beatles or The Stones? The Beatles, man.

East Coast, West Coast or Dirty South? East Coast.

What’s in your CD player now? Mos Def The New Danger

What was the first CD you ever owned? It was tapes back then, at least where I was at, and it was Biggie Life after Death.

What kind of car will you drive when you make it big? A remodelled old Lincoln Continental, switches and e’eythang. That or a MayBach.

Favorite Chicago talent: Juice, All Natural, Typical Cats.

Top 5 most influential talent: 1) Wu-Tang Clan. 2) Death Squad. 3) J Dilla. 4) Dre. 5) The Lox.

You can catch Krukid at the Local Music Awards ceremony on April 6 at the Highdive when he returns from his 2006 US tour Raisin in the Sun.

– Peter Groesbeck


[C KING was unavailable for contact with buzz. The following bio was provided by WPGU.]

Born Courtney Christian King, C-King began his music career when he was just 17 years old in Southern California. Now far from home, C-King has made it his mission to improve the local hip-hop scene here in Champaign-Urbana.

He says, “As local hip-hop we all need to kind of come together to make the hip-hop stronger.”

C-King is influenced by every type of music, and stresses that as a producer he must listen to everything. Right now, he’s into a lot of old music and listens to everything from Led Zeppelin to Panic! at the Disco. C-King also says that checking out a local Open Mic Night can be even better than listening to a CD. As for his nomination for a 2006 Local Music Award, C-King is very honored.

He says, “It’s humbling to know I got nominated for something that could potentially lead people to listen to what I’ve got to say.”

– Christine Italia


Representing the North Side of Chicago, Al-iteration was inspired to become an emcee after watching Blaze Battle on HBO and was pushed by the talent of a friend who released his own CD while they were in high school. Al-iteration began freestyling, cyphering with other beatboxers at his high school, writing poetry, and posting online in textcee battles. From there he went on to perform at Open Mic Nights and the Youth Poetry Slam in Chicago. Crediting his musical influences to artists such as Jay-Z, Breezely Brewin, Eyedea, Nas, Common and a slew of smaller East Coast rappers, Al-iteration has worked on an album each year since his senior year of high school, with his most recent project titled The Other Side. Al-iteration was also active in the local music community as former UC Hip-Hop president and former host of Beats and Rhymes on WPGU.


Urbana or Champaign? Which have better parties? It’s all the same shit, let’s not play that game. Urbana because it’s a closer drive.

Big Lebowski or Royal Tenenbaums? Never seen Tenenbaums.

Beatles or The Stones? Beatles.

East Coast, West Coast or Dirty South? Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Funcrusher Plus, The Cold Vein, Operation Doomsday, Appleseed – gotta go with New York.

Favorite emcee: Right now – El-P.

Favorite Chicago talent: Common circa Resurrection. The first Typical Cats’ album.

Most important aspect of spoken-word art: Representing your opinions on things and being yourself.

– Peter Groesbeck


Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Sanya N’kanta has been running solo for two years. Previously a member of various other groups which include Jove, Red Mood, Paccavi and Krukid, Sanya N’kanta is on the brink of releasing his second album, Emergency. An active musician since his teens, he has gradually cultivated a unique sound defined as “a retro-hybrid of hip-hop and electro clash-pop meets soul meets hip-hop.” On top of being an impressive vocalist, Sanya N’kanta is an instrumentalist as well, seamlessly integrating music’s technological age with live instruments.


Urbana or Champaign? Champaign.

Big Lebowski or Royal Tenenbaums? Big Lebowski.

Beatles or The Stones? The Beatles.

Whats in your CD player now? Esthero Wikked Lil’ Grrrls.

What’s your favorite food to cook? Pad Thai.

What dead celebrity would you like to face in a boxing match? I don’t box unless I have to.

What kind of car will you drive when you make it big? Bently Continental GTC.

Sanya N’kanta will be backing up Krukid for his US tour Raisin in the Sun starting March 10.

-Anna Statham

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