WPGU Concert Series

Back again for another round of awesome music, the Canopy Club and WPGU are teaming up to blow your headphones off. Check out this fall’s setlist:

Fall 2018

Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press: 9/7/18

“Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press is like the cover band that’s never seen a cover band” is just one snippet of information about Rod Tuffcurls. Hailing from Chicago, this fun music group sets up a fun show for any audience. The band covers everything, from Taylor Swift, Hall & Oats, Queen, and Elton John. There is something for everyone. You don’t want to miss this amazing performance.

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Space Jesus: 9/22/18

Raised on hip hop and coming from New Jersey, Space Jesus offers an experience that could resemble another dimension. Space Jesus is known for his unique stage performances while keepings his roots in hip hop. He has performed at Tomorrowland, Shambhala, and Mysteryland! Come see him transform Canopy into another world.

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Lettuce: 10/3/18

Are you into funk and a little bit of 90’s feel? Lettuce is for you! Originating from Boston, MA, Lettuce has grown into their popularity. For a different experience and exciting new music, Lettuce might be a show for you.

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CHERUB with Maddy O’Neal: 10/4/18

Like “Doses and Mimosas”? Everyone does. Check out Cherub and Maddy O’Neal at the Canopy Club for an exciting performance, and maybe even some new tunes!

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DJ Pauly D: 10/11/18

Once nominated for “America’s Best DJ” in 2010 and 2011, DJ Pauly D has got to be a fun time. Whatever you may know him for, Jersey Shore or his DJing career, DJ Pauly D should be on your list of “must sees” this fall.

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Lauv: 10/24/18

Lauv offers a mixture of indie pop with a fusion of rhythm and blues. Lauv has toured with Ed Sheeran and started his own solo tour. Check out what he has to offer on his solo tour coming through the Canopy Club!

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Big Gigantic: 10/30/18

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Big Gigantic puts on an electronic performance that should not be missed. Big Gigantic has performed at many music festivals and hit the number one spot on music charts. This is a performance you will want to see!

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Chris Lake: 11/8/18

Chris Lake is a Grammy nominated house DJ and producer. With a long track list, Chris Lake puts on a unique performance no matter where he is and who his audience is.

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The OH HELLO’S: 11/14/18

The OH HELLO’S give off a folksy, calm vibe, but their on-stage performance is exactly the opposite. With crazy on-stage energy, the OH HELLO’S put on a performance that is entertaining to any fan. This is not a show you want to miss.

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