WPGU Know It: Bonnaroo Edition

This year’s installment of Bonnaroo promises the usual characteristics of one of the best music festivals in the country: heat, decreased concern for personal hygiene, and a great lineup of musical acts. Even though I’ve visited the Farm in Manchester a few times before, every year the festival has a different lineup to offer to those veteran festival go-ers as well as the people discovering the best four days of music every year. As for me, aside from enjoying the fun and friendly atmosphere of the ‘Roo, there are a lot of acts I’m looking forward to seeing. I’ve gotten the opportunity to see a few of the headliners in the past, so my main focus this year is the mid-level acts. A few bands showing their presence in the lineup this year after putting out stellar albums in 2010 include LCD Soundsystem, The National, and the Dead Weather, so i’m definitely looking forward to seeing how their new material makes its way into those set lists. Also – you can’t forget about the comedy acts at the festival, including Conan O’Brien and Aziz Ansari, which will bring a lot of laughs to the weekend as well. As always, I’m expecting the festival to be as exciting as ever and bring all it has to offer to the table again for a great extended weekend of music. –Patrick Singer

Honestly, I’m quite concerned about camping. I haven’t camped sense boy scouts. Back in the day our time was spent earning canoeing and community badges, but this go around our days will be filled with hours of musical ecstasy. I’ve never been to a huge festival, and from what I can gauge, Bonnaroo’s a pretty big one, maybe the biggest in North America. This week is sure to blow my mind with brand new experiences like seeing bands I’ve been listening to ever sense I began working at WPGU, bands that I’ve fallen in love with. The list of artists go on and on (http://www.bonnaroo.com/artists.aspx), as you scroll and scroll. I can’t pick any favorites; in fact I might just find a new favorite after this year’s Bonnaroo. WPGU will do our best to keep you up to date on all of the goings on in Manchester, Tennessee from June 10-13th! –Nick Jones

Having never been to Bonnaroo I’m just excited to experience the festival in general. I’ve been hearing about it for years and in fact had plans to attend last year but could not in the end. So needless to say I’m stoked for my first Bonnaroo. While the lineup isn’t as perfect as it was last year, there are still tons of great bands I’m looking forward to seeing, especially considering I won’t be able to attend other music festivals this summer. The bands I’m generally most excited to see are The National and The Dead Weather. Neither band is really a festival band in my mind, but I’ve seen The National pull off an evening set at Lollapalooza and I doubt the Dead Weather will fail to deliver. I’m also extremely excited for the late night shows. Late night is where other festivals fall short, (see Lollapalooza’s 10pm Sunday curfew) but Bonnaroo is set to deliver. The Flaming Lips will perform Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety, and then, at 2:30am, LCD Soundsystem will take the stage, yes take the stage. Hard to believe all four of the above mentioned artists will be performing on the first night, though the rest of the festival should be just as entertaining. Between all the great comedians performing and sets from Jimmy Cliff, Isis, Kings of Leon, Japandroids, Phoenix, and Ween, Bonnaroo 2010 should more than suffice as the ideal summer festival. –Steve Plock

“Sleeping under the stars (check), Jack Black (check), that one old dude who sings “Fortunate Son” (check), stung out hippy girls in bikini’s dancing around campfires like Indians (PRICELESS). I’ve been to Lollapalooza, I’ve been to Warped Tour but from what I have been told from the first hand accounts of those who have been to Bonnaroo I only have a small idea of the beast that is Bonnaroo. I’ve never gone 4 days without showering before and all I can say about that is that I hope those who share my tent can tolerate what I will be working with Sunday night. I’m most excited to see The Gaslight Anthem, The Black Keys, Tenacious D, The National and Jay-Z. And I look forward to not remember a moment of any of their sets.” –Mike Rotsch

This will be my second straight year on the farm at Bonnaroo and my goodness will it be tough to top last year. Of course, that was a year that had David Byrne, Bruce Springsteen, Phish, and the Beastie Boys (with special guest Nas). This year though, I think there are a number of things that I’m looking forward to that may be a bit different than that of my coworkers. Of course I’m stoked to see the Dead Weather, the National, Damian Marley & Nas, Jay-Z (pre-Blueprint 3 tracks please!) and a whole mess of other acts. But I think I’m most excited to see Stevie Wonder. I grew up on Motown, Stax, and all sorts of soul and R&B, so this is really like a dream come true. I can’t imagine not having a good time at a show where this can happen, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuHRQC3gHmU. Ok so maybe the Huxtables won’t be at Bonnaroo, but still, how can you argue with Stevie Wonder?!

Plus, the World Cup is going to be shown on an enormous screen, so hopefully I’ll be seeing Jozy Altidore on the receiving end of a Landon Donovan cross to win it on the biggest screen I’ll ever watch a football match on. Also, I’m really hoping that the Kebab stand by the What? Stage is still around, that guy grilled some tasty 8 dollar meats on a stick. Which reminds me to just show this video because Kebabs are mentioned… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmDTSQtK20c

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated about some of the awesome goings on in Manchester, Cheers! –Tom Pauly

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