WPGU Presents: Missing the Point Preview

Did you know, supersweet corn is from Champaign-Urbana? It helps make delicious high fructose corn syrup! The founders of Playboy, BET, and McSweeney’s lived in Champaign Urbana. Popular music making men and women like REO Speedwagon, Allison Kraus, Hum, and DJ Earworm all started in Champaign Urbana!

Lots of cool shit comes from CU. That’s why WPGU is bringing Missing the Point, Chicago alt-rock back to their hometown! Townies remember when MIP founded in 2001; their subsequent record release for Healing of the Nation came out in 2005. Now, MIP is working on their sophomore follow. 3/4ths of the band is named Steve; the other member is unfortunately named Ian. Regardless of not having four Steves, Missing the Point has been a staple of Chicago’s alternative scene for the last five years.

Now you, my reader, are probably thinking, “Who cares about all these Steves? I care about music!” Well music I shall describe! Missing the Point has a “Chicago Alternative” sound–catchy songs, distorted guitars, and nasally Billy-Corgan-kinda vocals abound! It makes sense, MIP has played shows with Chicago contemporaries like Fall Out Boy, Lucky Boys Confusion, and Local H. What sets Missing the Point apart from other Chicago bands is their ability to mix in hooks and catchy choruses that are fun to listen to while jumping up and down. If you haven’t heard Missing the Point yet, that’s fine! Do it fast before they blow up big! Otherwise I’m prone to make a cheap pun saying that you missed… Ok, I won’t do it.

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