WPGU Presents: Santah CD Re-release show review

I’m glad Santah’s back in Illinois. After a long, east-coast tour, that little Santah band came back to Urbana last Friday to play a show at Cowboy Monkey. They brought some friends with too, so let’s talk about friends first–I’m the kind of person who puts friends first. The Leadership opened the night with a rockin’ loud set (so rockin’ in fact, I can’t bring myself to press “g”) I hadn’t heard TL before Friday night. I heard some roots-y rock music with a Tom Waits/Bob Dylan influenced vocal track. That sound about right? New Ruins were up next, and they played a rocking set too. When are they releasing new songs? I hope soon. Then there’s the headliner. Santah was playing a show in CU on Friday and a Chicago show the next day to celebrate White Noise Bed’s re-release on No Sleep Records. Hey vinyl enthusiasts! You can buy White Noise Bed on LP now. Isn’t that neat? Back to the show: most of Santah’s songs came from White Noise Bed. Makes sense: they’ve been touring on this material for a while. What also makes sense is how well they play these songs. Everything sounded super tight–there were new little flourishes (like when Viv and Otto yell for merely a second as Stan sings; when Tommy literally punches his keyboard). All that stuff was really cool. So was the new song, of which I forget the title (#badjournalism). Everyone else looked pretty psyched to see Santah too: the crowd danced, sang, etc. Overall: awesome show! Glad you’re home guys!

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