WPGU Presents Smoking Popes : Preview

On Saturday, November 5th, Smoking Popes will be bringing classic Chicago pop-punk to C-U with a show at Cowboy Monkey in Downtown Champaign. Brothers Josh, Eli, and Matt Caterer, along with their new drummer Neil Hennessy make up the band that paved the way for the likes of Fall Out Boy and Alkaline Trio.

Since, 1991, frontman Josh Caterer has been belting out his trademark crooning vocals over a background of punk rock guitar.  Following his band’s breakup and landmark reunion show at the Metro in 2005, Caterer has continued to draw upon a wide array of influences — from The Smiths and Elvis Costello to punk bands like the Ramones in order to produce Smoking Popes’ unique sound.

The group’s most recent album, released this past March, is a concept album about the life of a high school teenager, titled This Is Only a Test. In this album, Caterer explores concepts certain to be fresh in a college student’s memory such as having mono (in the song “I’ve Got Mono”), high school crushes (“Wish We Were”),and confusion about the future (“College” and “Punk Band”).

If the Popes’ new concept album was not your cup of tea, never fear. Expect to hear classic Smoking Popes hits from the early nineties as well such as “Need You Around” and “Megan.”

The doors at Cowboy Monkey open at 9:00pm, with Champaign alt-rock band Missing the Point opening at 10:00 and Smoking Popes at 11:30. The show is 19+, and at $12 for admission, it is a steal to see a legendary Chicago pop-punk band.

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