WPGU Presents: the Elsinore EP Release Show Review

Local band Elsinore rocked Champaign for what might be the last time ever. The release of their new EP Life Inside an Elephant is taking them far and wide and, with a unique sound that leaves you wanting to know what will come next, a successful, metropolitan life is bound to sweep them up.
The High Dive was rocked by three distinct performances on Saturday, August 20, which explains the very wide variety of people in attendance. Mothers with their young children were sitting on the side; students could be seen swaying to the music in the crowd; a plethora of other groups were spread around the venue.
The night opened with Chicago’s Ezra Furman. This one-man-show was complete with acoustic guitar and a folksy sound that not even the Windy City could wipe out. Local favorites The Palace Flophouse took the stage next and filled the air with a comfortable, local sound that everyone could jam with. By the ten o’clock hour, Elsinore took the stage with Ryan Groff teasing the crowd and approaching last.
The crowd immediately responded to these local celebrities and Groff’s amazing vocal abilities. Elsinore has an unwavering ability to perform exceptionally clearly; every single word and note can be picked out. This is an extremely rare ability, which is easily lost in the excitement that goes along with performing.
Older Elsinore favorites left audience members singing along with Groff. New songs from Life Inside an Elephant sounded incredible and, for those who have listened to be EP already (or maybe got it for free at The High Dive!), it was clear that a lot of progress had already been made in preparation for the full album. A definite highlight from the Life Inside an Elephant sneak peak included a music video for the title track. Playing on large TVs and a backdrop, this multimedia element was a wonderful surprise that showcased even more talent from Elsinore’s own Chris Eitel.
Their performance came to a close with the hit “Yes Yes Yes”, which the audience completely flipped out for. The band members did not even have time to get off stage after this number, however, when viewers begged for an encore. Groff mentioned how flattering it was to “not even have time to get off the stage” before Elsinore busted out with a cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

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