WPGU Presents: The Soundtrack of Our Lives Review

The Soundtrack of Our Lives (T.S.O.O.L), a Grammy nominated act out of Sweden, has seen the world pass by in a blur. Since 1995, they have traveled from nation to nation, venue to venue sharing their sound with all who would listen and last night (Thursday, June 2nd), it was Champaign-Urbana that they played to.
T.S.O.O.L.’s show at The High Dive in Champaign began with anticipation thick in the air, as each one of the six musicians that make up T.S.O.O.L. coolly walked to their respective place on stage amid dimmed lights and an expanding crowd. As the band warmed up, the crowd pushed ever closer to the stage, remaining silent, eagerly awaiting whatever was to happen next; then, the harmonica came out.
T.S.O.O.L.’s front man, Ebbot Lundberg, with harmonica in hand, took command of the crowd. Lundberg served as a conductor, sweeping his hands through the air, making grandiose gestures, to seemingly help the audience understand the meaning behind each drum hit, every guitar rift, and all of his revved up howling into the microphone. However, Lundberg wasn’t the only one who delivered an electric performance.
While Lundberg was belting out powerful vocals, a red dressed guitarist was continuously moving around the stage. Mattias Bärjed, the guitarist decked out in red slacks and a red button down shirt, seemed fueled by the energizer bunny as he jumped around, throwing high kicks in the air.
The fast paced show didn’t miss a beat, even when Lundberg’s microphone and stand fell off the stage mid-song. The crowd heaved the stand back up to the stage and seconds later tossed the microphone itself back up to the lead singer who carried on.
The Soundtrack of Our Lives sound is both rich and full with an unexpected edge, built upon a diverse repertoire of songs that convey all that one has felt, is feeling, and will feel. And with performances that deliver, this act can truly be called, the soundtrack of our lives.

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