WPGU’s “I Hate Valentine’s Day” in Music

As a part of WPGU’s “I Hate Valentine’s Day” campaign, our music staff had some thoughts on what makes us think of Valentine’s Day.

Frightened Rabbit: “Poke”

Valentine’s Day can suck if you are recently single. If you are lamenting on the one who got away, who you loved more than they loved you, who you may still want, then “Poke” by Frightened Rabbit is the song to fit your mood on Valentine’s Day. Lead singer and songwriter Scott Hutchison wrote The Midnight Organ Fight while going through a pretty bad break up as can be seen in nearly every song on the album. If you are in the same position this Valentine’s Day I would recommend listening to the entire album for music that will fit your mood, but start with this song. — Kyle Rogers

Bon Iver: “Skinny Love”

Bon Iver’s classic “Skinny Love” fits perfectly with the “I Hate Valentine’s Day” theme WPGU has in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The tack tells the heart wrenching tale of love gone sour, “Come on skinny love just last the year, pour a little salt, we were never here.” Next we see a change that is shown throughout the rest of the song, as the poor lover eventually gives up telling her to just, “Cut out all the ropes and let me fall.” This song goes with this theme of hating Valentine’s Day as it tells the story of a man who is alone, still grieving the failed relationship and definitely not looking forward to February 14th. —Jose Tamayo

Weezer: “Perfect Situation”

If someone is trying to forget about their lonely holiday, this song definitely isn’t a good song. But on a day where the thought of romance is seemingly inescapable, “Perfect Situation” lets people vent the on missed chances for love. The powerful solo in the intro creates a mood of regret, and the lyrics continue to capture the haunting thoughts about what could’ve been. The “Ohhhh owoh owoooh” repetition to end the song carries on the main message, but the verse before the repetition hints to making changes to have that “perfect situation” in the future. —Stan Polanski

The Love Language: “Heart To Tell”

On this Valentine’s Day, I will most likely be listening to The Love Language, specifically their album Libraries on repeat. If the band’s name isn’t fitting enough, its founder, Stuart McLamb actually started recording his songs as messages to his ex-girlfriend. For the single and lonely soul it is quite therapeutic. With McLamb’s swooning vocals weighing heavily on each song, it leaves me feeling reflective, nostalgic, yet still hopeful in romance. A great choice to get you through this dreaded holiday — Kelly Mincey

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