WPGU’s Make Me A Mixtape: Isaac Arms from Withershins

Here at WPGU, we really appreciate local music. We really dig it. No joke. That’s why we’re doing all we can to incorporate it into our programming. But shouldn’t these local musicians be heard over the airwaves themselves? We think so. This is why we’re bringing you a new program, WPGU’s Make Me A Mixtape. The show features a new local artist every week, where they supply you with what inspires them to make music.
Our first guest and cohost, Isaac Arms from Withershins, will be teaming up with our very own Tom Pauly every week to bring local musicians into the studio to discuss some of the music that moves them. As the pilot episode, if you will, Arms was the first musician featured on the show. Every week, we’ll give you some highlights of the show. Be sure to check out the tracks below, as well as tuning in every week to see what local musicians have in store for us.

Isaac’s Mixtape:
Bear Vs. Shark: “Catamaran”

Rival Schools: “Travel By Telephone”

Cursive: “Fairytales Tell Tales”

Braid: “A Dozen Roses”

Sunny Day Real Estate: “Red Elephant”

Elliott: “Calm Americans”

Hum: “Why I Like The Robins”

Smashing Pumpkins: “Drown”

The Dismemberment Plan: “The City”

Ride: “Vapour Trail”

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