WPGU’s “Spring…hurry up!” Playlist


We here on WPGU’s music staff, much like you, want the weather to finally get warm. Some of us are on spring break, but with forecasts in the 30’s sometimes it gets hard to have anything to look forward to. With that being said, we put together a list of songs that hopefully will make you feel warmer. Give it a spin and let us know how you feel!

1 – “Needle” – Born Ruffians

“Needle” is the first song released from Born Ruffians’ anticipated third album, Birthmarks. It may start off a little gentle, but around fifty seconds in the song transforms. Its offbeat energy is a perfect match for killing time in the sunshine with your pals, just shootin’ the breeze and drinkin’ some Kool-Aid.

Written by Kelly Mincey

2 – “Swing Lo Magellan” – Dirty Projectors

The title track to Dirty Projector’s 2012 release Swing Lo Magellan is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album. It sounds so easygoing and effortless, especially when contrasted with the first three tracks of the album. The guitar and bass interact in such a pleasant way that one can’t help but get it stuck in their head. Give this one a spin while going for a spring stroll and enjoy some good vibes.

Written by Eric Holmes

3 – “Golden Light” – STRFKR

“Fade to nothing, golden light. Wait forever, paralyzed” are the first words crooned out in this song. In addition to already being a calming, slow-paced song, these lyrics conjure images of sitting out in the Sun, just taking in the warmth. Hopefully, with spring on the way, our weather will soon match up with the tone of the song.

Written by Claire Schroeder

4 – “Hang Loose” – Alabama Shakes

Going away for Spring Break can require pinching pennies as a college student. This means that if you’re trying to get to someplace warm, there is a good chance you’re packing the car with your friends and settling in for the long haul. Here is Alabama Shakes with a song to put on once you cross the Mason-Dixon line and the temperature outside allows for rolled-down windows. And, to boot, the song is all about what you should be doing during your week off; hangin’ loose, brah.

Written by Charlie Weller

5 – “Only In My Dreams” – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

This song has a great feel-good vibe and a nice dream pop aesthetic that makes it a quality spring tune. It’s a really utility track for mixtapes, because it can fit as an upbeat track on a chill playlist, or a laid back track on your groovin’ summer mix. Enjoy.

Written by David Christians

6 – “Shine” – Wild Belle

This new Chicago-based band is int itself a little bit of sunshine–with its adorable female vocalist, Natalie Berghman, who has an equally adorable voice, a saxophonist (her brother Elliot), a grooving back up band and simple, catchy melodic structures. When flipping on this sweet love song, it’s impossible not to let go and think about the small, sweet joys in life.

Written by Lise Graham

7 – “Who Loves The Sun” – Velvet Underground

Lou Reed sings about not caring about the sun now that his heart is broke. A tear just swiveled down my check, splashing on my keyboard as I thought about this. Never take the sunshine for granted, especially after getting snow in March.

Written by Stan Polanski

8 – “Campus” – Vampire Weekend

This is the perfect track for a nice warm Spring day. The first warm day in the Spring at the U of I, it seems like the quad suddenly explodes with activity. Frisbees, sunglasses, ice cream, and puppies (all great things in their own right) converge on campus to bask in the warmth. This song captures that feeling absolutely perfectly.

Written by Boswell Hutson

9 – “Fell In Love With A Girl” – The White Stripes

Spring is a beautiful time to put this track on and dance your face off. That’s about all I have to say about it.

Written by Boswell Hutson


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