You Choose the Music playlist

A couple months ago I was in the car with a couple of my friends chilling in the passenger seat. Everything was fine until one of my friends goes, “Cari, you choose the music” and hands me the aux chord. Before then, I had always been a little self-conscious of my music taste. I would constantly worry whether or not my taste in music was “good” and worry that other people wouldn’t like it. When my friend handed me the aux chord I freaked out for a few seconds not knowing what the heck to play. This inspired me to create a playlist that I can always have on hand just in case I’m in the same situation again. It’s pretty much a summation of my taste in music because I no longer worry about what people think of it. It ranges from Harry Styles to The 1975 to Shania Twain and it’s always what I play whenever someone says, “you choose the music.” Enjoy!

About Carolina Garibay

Carolina, or Cari, is from the Northwest side of Chicago who enjoys all things British, especially music. Her favorite Beatle is John, but she also has a soft spot for Paul. If she's not at Espresso Royale making playlists, she's probably scoping out campus for the best gluten-free food.

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