Your Summer Playlist

Summer is a time for people to spend their days hanging out with their friends until the early hours of the morning and it is often remembered by the music released or played that year. Though the music will vary from person to person, there are some songs that everybody can agree were played nonstop during the summer. If you are looking to add variety to your summer playlist or want new music recommendations, here are five songs that are fun to listen to and are a little different than the usual music played on the radio.

“This is How We Live”- The Summer Set

From the carefree and relatable lyrics to the strong, poppy vocals, everything about this song is what makes it perfect for summer.

“Turn It All Around” from the Radio Rebel soundtrack

Though this song was made by a fictional band called The GGGG’s (pronounced “The Gees” like Bee Gees), nobody can deny this track can be easily forgotten.

“Fast in My Car”- Paramore

Perfect for both days and nights, this is the one to play when you’re hanging out with your friends and having a good time.

“(I Can’t) Forget About You”- R5

Although this song is originally about someone not wanting to forget a girl they spent one night with, many can relate to the feeling of not wanting to forget memories, especially during the summer.

“Here’s to Never Growing Up”- Avril Lavigne

True to Avril Lavigne’s word, this song is “fun and summery”. It is suitable for any summer occasion, whether it be a barbeque, a small get-together, or even going home after a fun time, and it can make anybody feel young.

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