Yuck’s self titled debut is anything but disgusting

When I first picked up London-based Yuck’s self-titled debut album, I was skeptical. The first obvious reason was for the band’s name and second for the disturbing cover art. This British quintet, led by songwriter/vocalist Daniel Blumberg, is a product of the old Nineties indie scene. Yuck certainly delivers in blending distortion infused rock anthems while also providing gentle ballads.
The first time through Yuck I found myself asking, “Why have I never heard of this band before?” Though their sound is nothing new, it certainly is an interesting take on the indie/grunge rock of the nineties, of which Blumberg and Co. are big fans. There is no clear concept throughout the twelve tracks on Yuck and you can tell that this young band from London just wants to make a fun, well-rounded record.
One of my favorite tracks is the opener, “Get Away,” with its strong guitar riffs, which sets the tone for the rock anthems on this album. As mentioned before, the mood throughout Yuck changes and songs like “Suicide Policeman” and “Suck” move away from the heavy guitars to mellow ballads with gripping lyrics that stand out more than the trademark guitars.
This level of maturity for a band as young as Yuck is unheard of; back up-vocalist and Blumberg’s sister, Ilana, is still in high school. Their maturity is refreshing, considering some established bands’ recent efforts. With their soon to be trademark guitar riffs, mellow ballads and even some shoe gazing, as seen on the last track, “Rubber,” Yuck put out a solid debut album. So next time you hear about Yuck, give it a listen and I guarantee that it is anything but disgusting.

WPGU Music Staff Rating: W-P-G
Key Tracks: “Get Away”, “Georgia” and “Rose Give A Lilly”.
Recommended if you like: Smith Westerns, Cloud Nothings & Minks.

W = Poor
W-P = Fair
W-P-G = Great
W-P-G-U = An instant classic!

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