Progressive funk jam band Zmick is reaching critical mass and about to explode all over the CU scene. Zmick can be found raging every Monday night at the Canopy Club for free in front of a crowd that grows larger with every week. In addition, they will be opening for Blind Melon Oct. 18. buzz met with Zmick in their “funk dungeon” for a quickie! See what they had to say:
buzz: What’s been going on with Zmick lately?
Zmick: We’ve been rehearsing as much as possible and trying to write new music and create a studio-quality recording. Pretty much, we’ve just been trying to get our internet portfolio together for our MySpace and our Web site.
buzz: Your audience keeps getting bigger every week. What’s drawing people to Zmick?
Z: It’s just not the same show every time. We change our set list every week, new covers every week, genre variety – reggae, techno, music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, live improvisations, a light show, and, most of all, good community vibes.
buzz: Seeing Zmick is a very aesthetically pleasing experience. What’s the best part?
Z: First and foremost, the crowd is awesome, and the people that come out are so much fun, and they like to get down. The atmosphere keeps getting better. We’ll get a circular conversation going without instruments, and we like to see everyone react to it. We’ve got to mention Bigs, too. He’s really the fifth member. His light show creates an aesthetic ambience that really complements the music. It just feels good. Also, people can come and sit in, too. We keep the stage open before and in-between sets. Any musician can sit in if they ask us.
buzz: Any big plans for the future?
Z: Just playing out more, in and out of town. We want to tour this spring, travel, see the country — it would be great to hang out in the mountains then play a show the next day.
buzz: You guys clearly appreciate all your fans. In the tradition of “Dead-heads,” what would you like your fans to be called?
Z: Zmicksters!

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