News Team

Meagan Vicens |

My name is Meagan and I am from Des Plaines, IL. I am a junior advertising major with a creative writing minor and focus in poetry. I like to dabble in sports journalism and also play on the Illinois Women’s Club Soccer team here on campus. Go Illini!

Owen Henderson |

Owen Henderson is a sophomore studying journalism with minors in Spanish and theater, and he comes from southern Illinois: a place notable only for having more corn and fewer people than Champaign-Urbana. When he’s not busy with classwork, Owen can usually be found rehearsing for a musical or bullying STEM boys with over-inflated egos.

Mac Dudley |

My name is Mac (they/them) and I am an Animal Science major from Morris, Illinois, focusing on Pre-veterinary Medicine. My interests include reading, writing, and collecting antique buttons from various women’s rights movements. At the University of Illinois, I am a member of the Illini Women’s Rugby team and the Campus Honors Program, in addition to my work as a news editor at WPGU. My most recent personality test categorized me as an ENFJ-A and I’ve watched The Princess Bride upwards of 300 times in my life. I probably peaked in high school when I placed 3rd at the IHSA Speech Team State Finals for radio speaking, which is what led to my interest in the news team, and I am currently listening to a podcast about riddles that I would love to talk about with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Da Yeon Eom |

I am a first year graduate student in the department of journalism with an interest in healthcare communications. I am originally from Korea, and my hobbies include traveling, reading, and hiking. If I am not nose deep in research papers or articles, you can probably find me outside taking my dogs for a long walk around the campus.

Reese Armstrong |

Hey there! I’m a news correspondent for the news team here at WPGU, and I specifically work on state, national, and sports news! I’m a social work major here at U of I, and I’ve been working with WPGU for about a year and a half. I’m originally from Rockford, Illinois, and have been living in Champaign for the last year or so. I love to read (my favorite book is Grapes of Wrath), watch movies (favorite movie is The Grand Budapest Hotel), and play video games!

Jane Knight |

Hi! I’m the political editor for WPGU News, and have been a part of the news team since September 2020. I’m a junior studying political science and journalism. I’m from Elgin, IL where I spend most of my time hanging out with family, friends and my dog. When I have free time, I’m usually either taking a nap, listening to music (Harry Styles and Megan Thee Stallion more specifically) or shopping.

Kayla Mish |

Hi! I’m Kayla Mish and I’m a sophomore from the suburbs of Chicago studying Journalism and Spanish. In my free time I enjoy walking my dogs, doing puzzles, and attempting to learn other languages! Along with WPGU, I’m involved with The Daily Illini and the Women’s Resource Center!

Anne McKeown |

I’m a junior (soon to be senior, graduating spring 2022) majoring in cultural linguistic anthropology, I transferred here from Kalamazoo College in the fall of 2020, i’m from Glen Ellyn, IL (western suburbs outside of Chicago), I enjoy music, keeping up with current events, and yoga 🙂 you will most likely find me on campus studying in the grove or having a picnic on the quad!

Tori Gellman |

I am a Graduate student pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science. I love hockey, despite being from Galveston, TX. You can alway find me with my nose in a book, jigsaw puzzling, or hanging out with my pup.

Tara Mobasher |

I’m a Journalism major with a minor in Criminology, Law, & Society! I’m from Southern California and enjoy reading, cooking, listening to music, and watching movies.

Emily Crawford |

Hi! My name is Emily Crawford and I’m originally from Bartlett, IL. Currently, I’m a sophomore in Information Sciences with minors in Political Science and Computer Science. When I’m not working on the news team, you can find me on-air at WPGU, singing in the University of Illinois Women’s Glee Club, or at a coffee shop with my friends.

Jackson Janes |

My name is Jackson Janes, and I am a sophomore majoring in journalism here at U of I! I’m from Chicago, and I’m a big sports fan; I’ve been a Cubs, Bears, Fire and Arsenal fan for as long as I can remember. I work for The Daily Illini as sports editor and here at WPGU, and I can’t wait to continue working hard to report and deliver the news to you all!

Josie Alameda |

I am a sophomore in journalism and I am from Champaign, IL. In my free time I enjoy listening to Harry Styles and knitting.

Anisha Kasem |

I’m a junior majoring in journalism with a minor in psychology. Over quarantine, I got a puppy & she is the light of my life! I enjoy exploring nature, diy projects, and being active.

Barrett Wynn |

Howdy! My name is Barrett Wynn, and I’m a Political Science major that’s been moonlighting as a journalist at WPGU for the last year. I mostly cover political and international affairs news, so if you’ve got a tip about something going on here or abroad, shoot me an email!

Rachel Burdette |


Hi I’m Rachel, the Social Media Manager for WPGU News. I’m currently study Anthropology and History, with a focus in Museum Studies. I’m a townie from Champaign, so I know most of the good spots on campus to eat and study. When I’m not studying or making tiktoks you can usually find me knitting and watching a good movie.

Neshmia Malik |

Hi! My name is Neshmia Malik and I’m a Journalism major with a concentration in Global Studies. In my free time, I love writing (shocking), making coffee, and engaging in any form of self-care. I have a strange obsession with the color sage-green and I love working for Illinois media 🙂