Web Writers

Brenden Nevidomsky

Brenden is a junior studying Engineering Physics but always finds time to listen to new music. Often trying to hit as many concerts as he can in Chicago, you can find him either trying to discover a new album to hit repeat on for the next week or taking comfort in the same songs from the Mountain Goats again. He both loves to write about this music on the WPGU website or talk about it on-air on Writer’s Block, and just enjoys sharing new discoveries and learning about something new himself.

Charles Rehder

Charles is a Math + Computer Science major with a soft spot for music. He collects records in his spare time, a hobby he claims is both expensive and inconvenient. He hails from the great state of Minnesota and grew up playing hockey and listening to all kinds of music with his dad. Finely curated Spotify playlists are a pastime he enjoys thoroughly and he tries to have one ready for any situation he might find himself in. He is an avid concert-goer when he can afford it and can proudly boast Minnesota’s very own Soundset as his first festival. When he’s at home Charles enjoys days on the lake and seeing his lovely dogs.

Colleen Hogan

Colleen is from the South Side of Chicago, where she first developed a fond appreciation for the arts. Being a train ride away from most music venues in the city is a real blessing this gal does not take for granted! Chances are, Colleen has already crept your Spotify account and has a playlist of her own in the making. Besides music, Colleen has an intense passion for elastic waist jeans, strong cups of coffee and homemade chicken noodle soup recipes.

Devanshi Narayan

Hailing from the far of land of New Jersey, Devanshi is a freshman studying Aerospace Engineering. When she’s not struggling under the frankly absurd engineering workload, she can be found wandering around campus with a camera in hand, chilling at Kung Fu Tea, re-watching all of the Marvel movies one too many times, working tirelessly on her novel that has somehow been in the works for years now, or listening to the strangest combination of songs and musical genres known to mankind.

Emma Boone

Emma hails from the great city of Saint Louis, which explains her love of toasted ravioli and calling it “Bread Co” instead of Panera. Spotify playlists are her bread and butter- she has a new one for every month. Emma loves to find new music and introduce it to her friends- calling “aux” in the car is a way of life at this point.  Besides music, you can find her scrolling her way through Instagram or at a piercing shop (is a nose piercing a personality trait?). Jalapeno Cheetos, alternative rock bands, and dogs with funny human names are the way to her heart.

Leo Kasper

Leo is an Econ major from the north shore who enjoys listening to random albums he sees online. With a shuffle playlist of 2500+ songs, it is clear that he either like all kinds of music or has no idea what his taste is. Having parents that come from a background in radio as well as having played guitar from a young age, Leo has been exposed to different kinds of music his whole life and enjoys talking about it a little too much. Leo can usually be found listening to Spotify while playing Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Natalia Fic

Natalia grew up in the Chicago suburbs, always surrounded by music from a young age. Playing instruments since she was a child, rock has always been her biggest influencer, especially the Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane and of course, Jimi Hendrix. She now studies Psychology and Spanish, but still has a great appreciation for all the arts and music. Other passions besides music include drawing, writing, and analyzing all kinds of movies.

Nick Johnson

Nick is a Political Science major from Elmhurst, Illinois who is obsessed with listening to new music almost as much as he‘s obsessed with wasting all his money on concert tickets to any show in his vicinity that sounds even mildly interesting. Just as he loves to play just about any sport (except hockey), Nick loves to listen to just about any kind of music (except country). His personal favorite music genres are hip-hop and psychedelic, indie, and alternative rockNick has also played the upright bass in an orchestra for eight yearsand he will probably go deaf because of all the concerts he goes to before he ever even gets the chance of becoming a lawyer.   

Nick Qualizza

Nick comes from the south suburbs of Chicago, where the only thing more abundant than open space is alternative country. You can catch him walking around campus listening to any form of rock, while also making ‘get-pumped’ faces in order to prepare for the next midterm he has to take. His favorite music includes any number of alt-rock or classic-rock artists, but he has always had a soft spot for post-rock. When he is not listening to music, Nick enjoys badminton and condescendingly discussing art.

Ryan Davila

If it’s loud, Ryan’s there. Excited by the prospect of getting tinnitus, Ryan treks from show to show, searching for the perfect sound to lose his hearing to. Punk, experimental, shoegaze, and jazz are all inherently loud genres, and thus are some favorites of his. When he’s not in a pit, you can find him studying vigorously to become a paleontologist (asleep in the NHB). Other interests include: saying “ya’know?” superfluously, impersonating Paul Westerberg saying “Hormones”, and crying to Hospice by The Antlers.

Ryan Flynn

Ryan is an Industrial Engineering major who loves to find new music and create tons of Spotify playlists. Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, he learned to play trombone for his middle school band and fell in love with music. Really, he’s a fan of every type of music (except country), but his favorites are hip hop, alternative, and electronic music. Besides writing for WPGU, he is also in the Illini Swim Club & Illini eSports. He’s trying to listen to an album a day, so send him some suggestions!