Berlusconi *finally* decides to resign

Anddd, breaking news of the day, Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has decided to resign.

Now, maybe this means more to me, a student going for an Italian minor, than it does to the average Chambana citizen. But seriously, if we look at this guy’s legacy, it’s a miracle he wasn’t forced out of office sooner.

Maybe we should start with the infamous bunga-bunga parties. Pretty much these were giant orgies held at Berlusconi’s villa, filled with young women, some of them aspiring actresses who hoped that Berlusconi could put in a good word for them in the media business (oh yeah, he controlled that too) and some of them just prostitutes. This was all well and good until one of these prostitutes (well, “alleged” prostitutes) turned out to be underage – that’s right, that whole Ruby scandal that was in the press a few months or so ago. Whether Berlusconi ever did anything with the girl aside from giving her money and helping her out of legal trouble has been up for debate, but any time you’re partying with a minor and a bunch of other women, it doesn’t really look that good. (Did I mention he’s 75? Ew.)

Oh, but it gets better – when Ruby Rubacuori, as she calls herself (or “Ruby Heartbreaker,” as she’s usually known in the English press) got in trouble with the Italian po-po, Berlusconi bailed her out by saying she was related to former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Surprise surprise, she wasn’t.

Then there was that whole wiretapping thing, where Berlusconi was recorded trying to arrange a job for one of those upstanding young ladies in RAI, pretty much the biggest television company in Italy. And the conversation where he was recorded as saying he was only prime minister “in his spare time.” We got a winner, folks.

Of course, the reason he finally decided to throw in the towel was a loss of a parliamentary majority, but you know. It might have had something to do with the hookers, too.

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