Horseshoes & Hand Grenades & Way Down Wanderers

The Horseshoes and Hand Grenades started the way all great bands start: jamming in some guy’s living room after a party. Listening to “Whiskey,” you can hear that the band is still at that party. The strings are all hopping hot and the harmonica player goes full force when he joins. The best part may be the bridge when all the instruments take turns jumping back in. I’ve never partied in a barn before, but hot damn does that fiddle make it sound like I’ve been missing out on a great human experience.


The Way Down Wanderers are a high-energy Americana band full of youth and excitement. Their song “Dead Birds”, which recently won the International Song Writing Competition, is full of dynamic playing (the drummer is pretty fun to watch). Part of the power of this song is how they choose when to have everybody play and sing, making choruses more powerful than some pop songs featuring walls of sound. The lyrics are about enjoying the little moments, but there’s something creepily fascinating about singers blandly and quickly delivering the line “There’s dead birds in that creek”.



You can buy tickets here.

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