Monday’s Mixer

Sure, it’s finals week. But finals are no longer on our minds. Now that we’re actually taking our tests and getting every last bit of this semester over with, all we can really think about is winter break and getting home for a lot of comfy relaxation. Whether you’re throwing your things into boxes and suitcases, trying to squeeze everything into your trunk or already on your drive home (though mine is only about five minutes, but some of you will have hours to go), some tunes to pump you up and keep you going are absolutely necessary. So we’ve got some tracks to keep you alert while you sort through your things and weave in and out of cars on the interstate (or on Green Street, but maybe that’s just me?).

06 Lasso

1. Lasso – Phoenix

I don’t think I can listen to this song and not smile. It’s just genuinely fun and uplifting and will help you avoid any lulls, whether you are packing or driving.

03 My Delirium

2. My Delirium – Ladyhawke
This song just exudes epic-ness. I feel like a BAMF every single time I blast this song in my car. And everyone just wants to feel like racecar driver when they’re hittin the road, right?

07 Houdini

3. Houdini – Foster the People

“Pumped Up Kicks” and “Helena Beat” are also amazing tracks, don’t get me wrong. But this song + driving = success. The instrumentation is so upbeat that I challenge you to not rock for every second of this song. Plus this track makes folding clothes very bearable, especially when you decide to dance with your shirts first. (Watch out for speeding though …. Yeah.)

05 O.N.E.

4. O.N.E. – Yeasayer
This song might make you tap your feet uncontrollably, so do be careful with your break and accelerator. But, once you have your feet under control, this upbeat tune will still be a blast to jam out to. Plus, the empowering lyrics (“no, you don’t move me anymore, and I’m glad that you don’t cause I can’t take this anymore”) are perfect for belting along.

Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith)

5. Not In Love – Crystal Castles (ft Robert Smith)

Always gotta put some sick electronica beats in a pump up playlist. I just want a duet frenzy of beauty with Robert Smith; that man is glorious. When it’s coupled with this psychedelically rad Crystal Castles tune, it’s absolutely flawless.

09 Hearts On Fire

6. Hearts on Fire – Cut Copy
Keeping up with the previous electronica awesomeness, this song just makes life even more exciting. This song is literally filled with melodic 80s pop lady screams; so what more could you ask for? Plus the rhythmic and simple lyrics are so easy to sing along to.

07 Drumming Song

7. Drumming Song – Florence + the Machine
“Louder than sirens, louder than bells. Sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell.” Florence Welch says it all.

Bloc Party – Flux

8. Flux – Bloc Party

This song just is head banging good. The initial swelling instrumentation ending in an explosion of powerful vocals and amazingly energizing instrumentation is perfect. This is one of those songs that I could listen to a million times in a row and never get tired of it.

02 – Take Your Mama

9. Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters
Some low-key party music made by a bunch of gay guys. “You can stay up late cause baby you’re a full grown man.” That’s all you need to get your packing driving party going.

09 Sleepyhead

10. Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
This song is mesmerizing. It puts you in a trance of techno electronic awesome. A sound like this will keep you awake and enticed during that third hour of driving.

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