Pygmalion Music Festival : Round Two

Full line-up announced?! Okay. OKAY. OKAY!

Literally everyone and all of their moms are (or really, really should be) pumped about this line-up. Personally, I think it might be one of the best ones ever announced. Ever. Did I mention ever?

And so, I’d like to take a little while to revel in the glory of the headliners. Believe me, it’s worth reveling. So here’s some info about each of the five headlining acts.

Grizzly Bear:
Are you like, hey you mentioned these guys in your last article? Well then, shush for a second.
I can’t contain my excitement for these guys.

  • Brooklyn-based indie rock band
  • Also experimental music, psych-folk, psychedelic rock, all around awesome
  • Started off as the solo project of one of the vocalists, Ed Droste (pictured on the far right above)
  • First album, Horn of Plenty, was released by Droste alone; their first album as a band was 2006’s Yellow House
  • They are most famous for their 2008 hit single “Two Weeks,” and you can see the music video here


Dirty Projectors:
And another Brooklyn-based gem is coming our way. These guys make some of the most diverse and sexy music ever.

  • Rock band formed in 2002
  • Have so far released seven studio albums
  • Their style has been compared to everyone, from Frank Zappa to Beyonce (I told you they were diverse!)
  • It is scientifically proven that you will dance your ass off when you hear these guys (who’s science? My own. Duh.)
  • Most famous for their 2009 album Bitte Orca, specifically their single “Stillness Is The Move”

Dinosaur Jr:
Ooooh, baby. An oldie but a goodie! And they’re also reppin’ the East Coast, but are from Amherst, Massachusetts.

  • Founded in 1984 (aww yeeeah)
  • Nirvana actually opened for these guys
  • Sonic Youth put in a good work for Dinosaur Jr., and that’s how they became signed by WB
  • They will remind you of growing up in the 90s (click here for proof)
  • Their first album (Dinosaur) came out in 1985, their most recent album came out in 2009 and they will be releasing a new album right before Pygmalion (I Bet On Sky, out September 18)


Sleigh Bells:
I mean, not to sound like a clueless mom but … these guys are just so hip. If you haven’t heard them before, get on it. The second you listen to them and see how incredibly cool they are, you’re gonna be like, “What have I been doing wrong this whole time?!”

  • Another pair of Brooklyn-based beauties (wooo)
  • These guys are the definition of noise pop and dance punk, two of the most entertaining genres ever
  • Both had previous work in music (Alexis Krauss was in teen pop group RubyBlue;Derek Miller was a guitarist in hardcore back Poison the Well)
  • Knowing that little fact ^ makes listening to these guys all the more interesting, you can definitely hear elements of each
  • Released their sophomore album, Reign of Terror, in February


Best Coast:
Best Coast is from the West Coast (and with four other headliners from the East Coast, they may have to fight for their namesake!)

  • These two are coming all the way out from LA, California
  • … and they’re bringing some Cali surf pop flavor with them! 🙂
  • Some of their associated acts include Wavves and Vivian Girls (both worth checking out if you aren’t familiar with them!)
  • Their debut album, Crazy For You, made the list of Pitchfork’s Top 40 Albums of 2010
  • And there’s this amazing music video, directed by Drew Berrymore and staring the likes of Donald Glover and Miranda Cosgrove

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