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remember whensday

Happy birthday Billie Joe Armstrong! The Green Day lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter turned 43 yesterday (even though I’m pretty sure he will forever be stuck in his twenties. Have you seen him? He just doesn’t age).

This past year has been pretty busy for Armstrong and his clan, as it was announced in 2014 that this year, they will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is the first year that the band was eligible, which makes it even more honorable. And, just to throw of the timeline of life more, the band will be celebrating 30 years together this year, as what would become Green Day was loosely formed in 1986.

Green Day’s longevity and timelessness speak to the influence that they’ve had as a punk rock band over the years. Yeah, there are bands such as Linkin Park or My Chemical Romance that might aspire to one day gain the overwhelming popularity that Green Day has, but in the end, after nearly three decades, Green Day has no signs of slowing down.

Whether or not people love them, their influence on the world and the music we listen to is still carried on today. You can’t avoid appreciating them, especially the next time a stupid president is elected and “American Idiot” surges, or like every year, on the first day of September, when “Wake Me Up When September Ends” jokes flood the Internet.

So happy birthday, Armstrong, and thanks for all you’ve done and the music you’ve created.

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