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Butterfly Assassins will be taking the stage once again at the Canopy Club for the student-run Green Street Records showcase. Having grown up together and been a band since 2002, they will join Mad Mardigan, Missing the Point, The Coop and Vanattica for the Saturday, Oct. 6 show. Tickets are $5 in advance, $7 at the door and everyone gets a GSR CD upon entrance. Here’s what Butterfly Assassins’ Bryan Kveton had to say:

buzz: How is playing at the Canopy Club different than the Chicago club scene?

Bryan Kveton: Champaign-Urbana has become our home away from home that we’ve come to love once we began college. It was a large goal of ours to firmly establish ourselves at our respective universities.

buzz: Do you have any celebrity-like status on campus?

BK: Occasionally, I’ll get someone who recognizes me as a member of Butterfly Assassins and it actually surprises me. I really don’t care if I’m ever idolized or treated differently as a person because of the band, I just hope that more and more people realize what we’re doing.

buzz: What do you like about playing among a group of bands in similar shoes?

BK: We like playing with bands our age for building friendships, but we never feel like other bands are in the same shoes or situation as us. Since it will be our first full-length release backed by a record label, that the album could either make or break our chances at fulfilling our goal of touring.

buzz: Will you guys be promoting or selling your CD?

BK: We will be selling our current EP at the show, as well as T-shirts. There is a CD on the way. It will be a full-length album entitled Sylvia. It should be in around January 2008.

buzz: Why the name Butterfly Assassins?

BK: While running our lemonade stand, a butterfly tried to kill us. The freshly-squeezed batch of lemonade we had just finished making was sacrificed to save ourselves. We were so angered by this ordeal that it only seemed so fit as to call ourselves … Butterfly Assassins.

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