Albums of the Day: February

Continuing my journey of  listening to a new album every day of 2022, the shortest month of the year was not short of amazing and interesting listens. Although difficult to narrow down, let’s recount the albums that had the most impact on me, for better or worse.

Best Album: Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You by Big Thief (9)

“Wow” was all I could say after finishing the more-than-an-hour, double album from the folk-rock band. Every song was impactful. Every lyric was masterful. It just felt fully realized in a way that few albums can achieve. I wish I could hear it for the first time again, however, all that can suffice is saying it’s my favorite release from February. 

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Worst Album: Doolittle by Pixies (5)

I know, I know I should have liked this album a lot more than I did, but what can I say. I didn’t love the brief song lengths, as it made them feel not fully developed. I didn;t enjoy the overall alt rock sound from the band. It just does not seem like an album made for me. 

Most Surprising Listen: Time Skiffs by Animal Collective (8.5)

The experimental pop band Animal Collective has already had quite their run in the spotlight. Starting their long career with the psychedelic folk musings of Sung Tongs and Feels, then transitioning to their pop experiments on Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective seemed to be well past their prime. Releasing a decade of bland experimental music, the band returned for their first album in six years with Time Skiffs. Taking the formula that made their best albums great, Animal Collective managed to make an amazing late career album that, in my opinion, cements them as one of the greatest modern bands.

Most Disappointing Album: Aviary by Julia Holter (6.5)

Coming into this album, I expected a lot from the art pop musician. Having loved her previous album, I expected the songs to feel whimsical and imaginative while maintaining a sense of opulence. However, Aviary’s song structures felt too loose to be anything exciting, and oftentimes the music just left me wanting more.

Overall, February proved to be a great month of new listens. I appreciated every album for what it was, and found myself enjoying the new music more than disliking it. I am excited for what the rest of the year brings and look forward to sharing my new discoveries.

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February’s Albums of the Day:

2/1: Abbey Road-The Beatles (7.5)

2/2: The Queen is Dead-The Smiths (6)

2/3: Doolittle-Pixies (5)

2/4: Time Skiffs-Animal Collective (8.5)

2/5: The Glow Pt. 2-The Microphones (7.5)

2/6: Fabulous Muscles-Xiu Xiu (7.5)

2/7: Mezzanine-Massive Attack (7)

2/8: Discovery-Daft Punk (8)

2/9: If You’re Feeling Sinister-Belle and Sebastian (8)

2/10: You Will Never Know Why-Sweet Trip (7.5)

2/11: Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You-Big Thief (9)

2/12: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots-The Flaming Lips (8)

2/13: Magnolia Electric Co.-Magnolia Electric Co. (7.5)

2/14: Aviary-Julia Holter (6.5)

2/15: Smile-Brian Wilson (7.5)

2/16: Designer-Aldous Harding (8)

2/17: Blood-Kelsey Lu (7)

2/18: In Rainbows-Radiohead (8)

2/19: Keep It Like a Secret-Built to Spill (6.5)

2/20: Long Season-Fishmans (8)

2/21: Alegranza-El Guincho (7)

2/22: The Haunted Man-Bat for Lashes (7.5)

2/23: Blood Bitch-Jenny Hval (7)

2/24: Frailty-dltzk (7.5)

2/25: Black Metal– Dean Blunt (7)

2/26: Okovi-Zola Jesus (7)

2/27: xx-The xx (8)2/28: Emily’s D+Evolution-Esperanza Spalding (7)

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