A Quickie With…

This week, local marimba player Jane Boxall talks to us about England, bananas and her interest in being a stuntwoman. Be sure to check out her free lunchtime shows on Oct. 16 and 30 at the Courtyard Café at noon.

buzz: What made you choose the marimba? What does it have that other instruments lack?

Jane Boxall: I love the sound of it, especially the low end. It has a bigger range than the vibraphone or xylophone. I also think it has the most potential as a solo instrument.

buzz: You said you moved to America from England in 2004. How is the music scene different here?

Jane: Everything comes down to distance. In the UK, you can drive across the country in a day. Here, there’s a lot more space to play. Also, for marimba, at least, there’s more going on. There are just more marimbas in America.

buzz: How do you prepare for your performances?

Jane: I try to always eat some bananas before shows because they’re natural sedatives. One time I didn’t have any bananas, and I had to call a friend to bring some over to me!

buzz: Did you always see yourself as a musician?

Jane: In high school, I was an academic overachiever, so for a while, I was planning to go into mathematics or politics. At one time, I even planned to be a stuntwoman.

buzz: Quite a variety of interests. How is that reflected in your music?

Jane: The marimba is usually marketed to be in concert halls. I also like playing in different settings – rock venues, cafes, forests, etc. I’ve opened for Ryan Groff (of elsinore) at the Highdive. I also play drums in a metal band called Tritone. They’re all about being evil.

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