A Quickie With…Desafinado

The six-piece Brazilian bossanova band, Desafinado, is bringing the heat to Champaign-Urbana just in time for summer. Playing a variety of bossanova, samba and brazilian pop music, Desafinado’s exotic versatility gives them the cutting edge for beats on the dance-floor. With upcoming gigs at the Iron Post in Urbana this May 8, and at Millennium Park, Chicago for the Great Performer’s Festival this July, Elis Artz and Greg Jahiel shed light on the band’s pre-show. For more info on the band and their upcoming performances check out www.desafinado-music.com.
buzz: Do you have any pre-show rituals before hitting the stage?
Greg: Well, first we pray that we make it on time, and then I usually eat a banana. They’re good for nerves.
buzz: When you’re not playing in the band, what is a favorite hobby?
Elis: I used to study English when I wasn’t performing.
Greg: I practice the ‘used book store’ meditation. Basically wandering into used bookstores, my favorite so far is Priceless, in Urbana.
buzz: What makes you the most calm during a performance?
Greg: The bananas help haha.
buzz: What is the best local restaurant, and do you have any recommendations?
Elis: Definitely try the Silver Creek. I love their food, especially their salmon.
Greg: For me, I’d say my favorite upscale is Bacaro. It’s a great wine bar, but on a normal day I love the tacos from El Charro.
buzz: Are you performing anywhere special over the summer?
Greg: We will be playing at Millennium Park at The Great Performers Festival sometime in July!

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