A Quickie With … Zmick

Zmick just might be the band to dethrone Santa at the LMAs for Best Student Band next year. That is, of course, if one member’s graduation in May doesn’t disqualify them. Zmick’s flowing jams feature melodic guitar leads and percussive piano heavy parts. After raging at Cowboy Monkey on April 26, Zmick plans to return to The Red Herring on Saturday, May 5, for the second time in about a month. buzz had a chance to talk with bassist Dan Wonsover. Check it out:

buzz: What keeps Zmick coming back to the Red Herring?

Dan Wonsover: We actually practice at the Red Herring quite often, so we’re used to the acoustics of the room. Also, the building as a whole encourages endeavors in the arts and alternative thinking, which is pretty cool. This show is going to end the semester with a bang. We will play with several really talented bands, like Corn Desert Ramblers, Triple Whip and The Duke of Uke.

buzz: What time do you guys take the stage on Saturday, May 5?

DW: We’re playing from midnight to when people stop dancing. We will probably end up playing till like four in the morning. We’ll play a lot of fun covers and dance tunes to keep the energy level high throughout the night. We’re also encouraging people to wear costumes in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

buzz: What is the band’s favorite local venue to play?

DW: The Canopy Club. The people there treat us so well. They’re like family to us.

buzz: Are there any local bands or artists that have been an influence to Zmick?

DW: The Corn Desert Ramblers are real good buddies of ours. We love going to their shows, partying with them and playing with them (onstage and off). They are definatley the best traditional bluegrass band in town, if not the world!

buzz: How has the addition of a fiddle player affected your band?

DW: Well to begin, Dan Andree is an amazing musician and singer. From a compositional perspective, it adds a whole new element to lead harmonies as well as vocal harmonies. We write a lot of two-part piano/guitar harmonies that will now be three-part harmonies, hopefully adding a new dimension to the music. The more sounds we take in, the more paint we’ll have to create our own picture. We’re all very excited about writing and performing with “Dandree.” See you at Red Herring!

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