Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

So we’ve been doing a lot of hating on Valentine’s Day, but there are some ways that this holiday can be made a little bit more bearable.

9. Inform people of the true origins of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has little to do in reality with flowers and chocolate.  Spread the word about the guys who died.  Read up at’s_Day.

8. Watch anti-Valentine’s Day movies with an anti-date.

 Some of the worst movies of all time are about Valentine’s Day.  You could either watch one and mock it’s unrealistic depiction of real relationships, or watch something like 500 Days of Summer deliberately upsetting the conventions of our dating world.

7. Break hearts, snow hearts.

There’s snow on the ground on Valentine’s Day, odds are there’s going to be a bunch of hearts carved in the snow.  Break them.  Make them suffer.

6. People watch.

This is a big day for people watching.  So many couples, especially new couples, are going to be going on dates that they hope to be great… and have big potential to fail.  Take advantage.

5. Go to WPGU Presents: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers tonight.
Even if you don’t have a date, or any friends, there’s a fully stocked bar. Drink your sorrows away, bud.

4. Go to a class you’re not in.

There are so many possibilities here.  You could be the annoying person who knows nothing but still asks questions, with no consequences!  You could throw things at people.  You could pass notes to your friend who is supposed to be paying attention.  You might even learn something.  Er, nevermind.

3. Post additional ideas in the comments section.

Commiserate in everyone else’s Valentine’s Day misery by lessening all of our struggles.

2. Listen to WPGU 107.1 FM today.

We’re celebrating I Hate Valentine’s Day…think of the endless possibilities. Plus, we’ll keep you company on this cold and terrible day.

1. Buy Vanilla ice cream.                                                            

Because seriously, who needs more chocolate?

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