And the Winner Is …

Alleyway Sex
Best Heavy/Punk Artist
buzz: What’s it like to win, guys?
Michael Thies: “It feels good, a bit surprising.”
buzz: You guys are by far the youngest band here. How does it feel?
Ryan McCoy: “We definitely did not deserve that.”
buzz: Who does, then?
Ryan McCoy: “Roberta Sparrow, they do a lot more. They do some awesome stuff.”
buzz: Where and when did you start playing together?
Michael Thies: “We’re from around town. We started when we were sophomores in high school.”
The Poster Children
Lifetime Achievement Award
Rick Valentin and Rose Marshack
buzz: Are you happy to be taking this thing home tonight?
Rick Valentin: “I think just the fact that we’re
included, it’s pretty impressive.”
Rose Marshack: “We’re basically speechless. I
guess we’ve been very supportive of the scene too, but it just felt wonderful and natural the whole time.”
buzz: How long have you been playing together?
Rose Marshack: “Let’s say 1987. I think we started playing when we were at Allen Hall.”
buzz: What kept you in Champaign for all these years?
Rose Marshack: “When we would go on tour, people would ask us, ‘Why do you live in Champaign?’ It’s wonderful. It’s very easy to live here and create here and it seems like you have a very easy life. It doesn’t seem very competitive and it doesn’t seem very money based.”

Marc Rubel
Best Producer
buzz: Feelin’ fine?
Marc Rubel: “It’s very terrific.”
buzz: Have you enjoyed the ceremony so far?
Marc Rubel: “Music and record making, neither is about winning. They’re all about the doing.”
buzz: Who is your favorite artist in CU to work with?
Marc Rubel: “It’s a pleasure to work with everybody.”
Underpaid Packy
Best Student Band
buzz: How does it feel to win?
Underpaid Packy: “So unexpected, we had no idea this was coming.”
—“This is just really awesome.”

Best New Artist/Best Live Performance
buzz: How does it feel to win Best Live Performance?
Snowsera: “We feel like we have a really good home in the local music scene, and here you are really judged by your live performances, so we are really honored.”
—“Really rewarding experience.”
Kilborn Alley
Best Blues Artist
Kilborn Alley: “We have a great respect for the other nominees. There was some tough competition.”
—“Let’s us know the community still loves the blues.”
Best Cover Band
Vvvvv: “(Chuckles) We feel this was well deserved”
—“We are going to put the award winning title in front of our name.”
—“The award-winning cover band with 20 percent better coverage.”
Angie Heaton and the Gentle Tamers
Best Folk/Americana Band
Angie Heaton: “This is so exciting! I don’t know what to say.”
—“I am just happy to support local music.”

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