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While winter is often calm and quiet while our favorite artists hibernate in the studio, the advent of summer always brings with it a flood of fresh tunes with which to fill the warm summer air. The following are some of the most anticipated releases of the season here at the buzz — mark your calendars and get the albums while they’re still fresh!
O by Tilly and the Wall — June 17
The June release of their newest effort proves fitting as the fun and festive sounds that accompany Tilly and the Wall’s tunes make this album a sure fit for the dog days of summer. Tilly’s tap-danced drum work and combination of electronic and standard instrumentation will make for gleeful music that can accompany all of your outdoor exploits.
Fasciinatiion by The Faint — August 5
“I have not danced nearly enough this summer,” “Where did all the rock go?” or “I don’t feel sexy enough with this song on,” will be meaningless sentiments come August 5. With The Faint’s next release, I cannot wait to groove and thrash to that dance-punk explosion. —Trendy Rende
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends by Coldplay — June 17
With the overwhelming hype of their third release, X and Y, Coldplay established themselves as one of the most successfully marketed and universally familiar bands of their time. Their fourth effort, produced by Brian Eno, seems to be the group’s first real attempt at something new. Spanish undertones, instrumental tracks, and atmospheric soundscapes riddle the already released and leaked tracks, implying that Coldplay will no longer play it safe. — Tommy Trafton
Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket — June 10
The record will question what exactly makes My Morning Jacket who they are. While some of the leaked songs sound like they came straight from the Z sessions, others seem to come out of nowhere. Even with an excess of vocal falsetto, the group still has what makes them great even if they don’t want to show it the whole time.
At Mt. Zoomer by Wolf Parade — 6-17-07
The sophomore effort goes towards a sound that has a little more electronic influence and a lot more reverb; pushing the band into a new territory for the group while still exploring a space they are comfortable in. By not touring relentlessly to support their last record the band was able to hone the craft and make a record that sounds fresh and distinct. — Otto Stuparitz
Stay Down by Smoking Popes — June 17
This will be the Smoking Popes’ first release since reuniting in 2005 and their first recorded material since 1998. The Chicago quartet was on the verge of breaking into the mainstream on the heels of Green Day’s success with “Dookie” but never quite gained a large following. Hopefully the reunited group’s fifth full length will give them the recognition they deserve.
Animal! By Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s — July 29
Margot’s major label debut will be highly anticipated on a national level this summer. They were named one of Spin Magazine’s artists to watch at the beginning of this year and their popularity will be based largely on this effort. They should have nothing to worry about if this album is anywhere near as great as The Dust of Retreat.
The ’59 Sound by Gaslight Anthem — August 19
Talk about pressure — after releasing only one full length album, these New Jersey-based punk rockers have already drawn comparisons to the boss himself: Bruce Springsteen. The stellar EP they released earlier this year is hopefully a sign that there will be no sophomore slump for this quartet. Expect these guys to launch themselves out of the punk rock spectrum much like Against Me! did last year. — Joe Smyth
Paper Trail by T.I. — August 19
With his arrest and punishment still looming, T.I. is nonetheless releasing his newest album this August. It should be an improvement over his last work, the first song, “No Matter What,” hopefully providing a preview, reigniting the smooth but lethal rhyming skills of this breakout King. — Jaron Birkan

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