Best Jazz Artist, Best Blues Artist, Best Singer/Songwriter

Best Jazz Artist

Web site:
Listen to: “So Tinha Ser Com Voce”
Ear Doctor
Web site:
Listen to: “Blue Lou’s Long March”
In Your Ear
buzz: What drink should someone order at a nice bebop club when going to hear some groovy trumpet solos?
In Your Ear: It depends how “groovy” they are. For smooth jazz, I recommend something pink with an umbrella in it. Scotch and soda is good for bebop or hard-bop, For free jazz or other highly creative non-structured music, I recommend Red Bull and Everclear or a groovy green tea and a goatee.
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Listen to: “Old Devil Moon”
Jazz Sandwich
buzz: What ingredients would be in your ultimate sandwich?
Jazz Sandwhich Us.
Web site:
Listen to: “Price”

Best Blues Artist

Blues Deacon
Web site:
Listen to: “Rosie’s Pub”
Candy Foster
buzz:If you could play with any animal on stagew with you, what would it be?
Candy Foster: A dog because it has character, already knows the blues and has plenty of soul.
Web site:
The Delta Kings
Web site:
Listen to: “Get Myself Together”
Impalasbuzz: If animals could play instruments, which animal wold win in a Crossroads-style blues off, an impala or a lioness?
Impalas: An Impala would–he would draw on past classical guitar training to flummox the satanic and blues-based lioness
Web site:
Listen to: “No Comfort”
Kilbourn Alley Blues Band
buzz: If you could play any gig at any location in the world, what would it be?
Kilbourn Alley Blues Band: We’ll play in Soul Heaven someday–its pretty self explanatory
Web site:
Listen to: “Tear Down Chicago”

Best Singer/Songwriter

Brandon T. Washington
Web site:
Listen to: “Cramp Your Style”
Carl Hauck
buzz: Jay Leno or Conan O’brien?
Carl Hauck: Letterman. But if I have to choose between those two, I guess I’ll take Conan…
Web site:
Listen to: “Words of the Wise”
G. Lee
Web site: fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=66377884″>>fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=66377884
Listen to: “Untitled”
Ryan Groff
(Also Album of the Year Nominee)
Web site:
Listen to: “Lines”

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