black midi releases video for new song “Slow”

black midi’s debut Schlagenheim was hailed as one of the best albums of 2019, and now the experimental rock band is back with even more exciting music. They have shared a few songs from their upcoming album Cavalcade including “John L” and most recently “Slow.” “Slow” is a roughly five-and-a-half minute track that is both chaotic and captivating, in typical black midi fashion. As always, Morgan Simpson’s drumming and Cameron Picton’s charismatic vocals really shine on it, and the group’s eclectic influences are apparent. black midi are easily one of the most exciting bands around; it’s tough to pigeonhole their sound into one category or genre.

According to a press release, the lyrics to “Slow” “tell the story of a young and idealistic revolutionary dreaming of a better world who ends up being shot in the national stadium after a coup d’état.” The video complements the song’s restless nature perfectly. It opens with an animated character attempting to defeat an invader. The character is unsuccessful but time moves on and the world slowly heals. However, it’s not long before doom is impending once more. Director and animator Gustaf Holtenäs has said that the video aims to fit the “oscillating dynamics” of the song and that he “let real AI’s generate a lot of the backgrounds in these worlds.” The visuals are trippy, varied, and weird.

In addition to the video, black midi have announced details for a winter tour in support of Cavalcade. Tickets go on sale on May 4th, and the North American leg of their tour begins in October. 

Cavalcade arrives May 28, but in the meantime you can check out its track listing and stream the video for “Slow” below (TW: Gore). 

1. “John L”

2. “Marlene Dietrich”

3. “Chondromalacia Patella”

4. “Slow”

5. “Diamond Stuff”

6. “Dethroned”

7. “Hogwash and Balderdash”

8. “Ascending Forth”

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