Chill ’70s Playlist

In the full throe of Spring midterms, it can become difficult to relax between study sessions. And students cannot yet enjoy Spring Break — still two whole weeks away! — as a much-needed hiatus from stressful classes and testing anxiety. For those longing to return home, a retreat to the chill Rock ’n Roll music of the seventies is in order.

The playlist below is a soothing, 90-minute foray into some of the era’s most famous (and calming) tracks from a variety of artists. Whether the week finds you seriously rethinking your choice of major (David Bowie’s “Changes”) or in a blue mood (The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry”), this playlist should cover all of your midterm-week crises.

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Natalie studies English and Creative Writing. Some of her favorite things include fat books, fat cats and drinking copious amounts of tea. When not suffering from caffeine-induced mistakes, Natalie likes to play her records or roam the internet for new artists.

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